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Dragonflies - New Beginnings for Healing from Grief and Loss
Excerpt from the PREFACE

Each ‘Beginning’ is designed to support you on your path; to offer encouragement as you continue moving forward; to wrap you in love as you take your steps. They come from my experiences; my spiritual journey that I have been on for several decades; what I have learned on my own journey through grief. They come from my heart. My deep desire is to offer a passageway of thoughts and feelings that begin to resonate within you; to nurture you as you heal.
A collection of 100 Beginnings  for daily reading

It is no surprise that Dayton Ann Williams' new book Dragonflies – New Beginnings for Healing from Grief and Loss, is a treasure for the newly bereaved. After all, she has been through her own journey and emerged on the other side; not unscathed or unchanged, but with firsthand knowledge on how to reconcile the feelings of fear and love that can be so overwhelming to those who are grieving.

To say that the book provides support and encouragement does not do it justice. Each page is a poignant reminder that we are not alone in our grief process. Dayton has been there, and she is willing and able to share the depth of her knowledge by being fully present with the reader on every page.

She encourages us to use all our senses the way she does, whether it is touch, vision, or smell, by painting beautiful word pictures that draw us into the churning waters of the sea or into a warm, cozy kitchen. You can image each word being said aloud in her calm, reassuring voice.

Through the use of common-sense advice based on scientific facts, she invites us to feel our deepest feelings and confront our deepest fears. She challenges those who are grieving to identify the pieces that will always be missing following their loved one’s death, but truly inspires them to plunge ahead and reclaim the joy that is waiting for them.

Thank you, Dayton, for being my teacher.

Rebecca Deaton, LCSW
Grief Counselor