​​Client Comments
​a blessing from those we serve...

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    I feel better balanced. I could tell my strengths and now I feel the whole is stronger than individual parts. It felt like I had a whole body adjustment. As work was being done I felt tension releasing throughout my body and became more aware of my body in general. Expansive in my knowledge and self. A truly relating experience that let me see parts and whole at the same time.
    KRP - R.E.A.L. Connection
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    Feel at peace and energized versus low energy and upset stomach before the session. I would describe it as peaceful and clearing. Lost 10 pounds, at least it feels so.
    Stephen - R.E.A.L. Connection
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    I had a reiki session done with Dayton right before midterm and let me just say how amazing it was. As soon as you walk in, the soothing vibes are in the air. Dayton talks to you about the reiki session so you know what to expect. As for the session, she listens to your body and follows were you need it the most. I can't explain it, you really have to try it yourself. Yes, I am going back! Dayton is a beautiful and wonderful soul. I am grateful for the opportunity of working with her to balance and clear my energy. I was stressfree and midterms were a success!
    Suannette - TJR
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    More grounded. Very different than other energy healing modalities: more expansion; breath capacity. Shamanic - Angelic Self ministering to me.
    Nathaniel - R.E.A.L. Connection