Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
with niche specialization as a
Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC)
Certified Relationship Coach (CRC)
Certified Bereavement Coach (CBEC)


Coaching  is a professional relationship between a coach and client that facilitates a client in moving forward in their goals and desires with greater clarity,  awareness,  motivation and confidence by finding and creating their own answers.  As a result, coaching is personalized for your unique needs.
I have been in a coaching relationship for over a decade and found it to be foundational in awakening.  While my needs and time spent have evolved and changed, the relationship remains one of my most treasured. Consequently, I understand both the power of the process and the need to work with a coach that you resonate with.  To determine if I am the best fit for you, I offer a free consultation to discuss and explore working together.

In every area, the journey will always be determined by you. It is your goals, your needs, your time, and your desires that determine our direction. My commitment is to support you for the duration of our time together as you learn to embrace your power, change your life, and unleash the immeasurable joy within you.  I look forward to serving you!
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Coaching Services are donation based and available 
at Dixon Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Fort Worth
or via phone.

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