Traditional Japanese Reiki  

Certified 12 April 1999
​Third Degree Advanced Practitioner

Reiki is a healing system developed circa 1900 by Mikao Usui from Taoism, Buddhism, and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the West this system became known as Reiki and over the years it experienced considerable changes:  various blends of Reiki emerged, Yoga practices were inserted, metaphysical and spiritual concepts were incorporated.  In the mid-1990s, as a result of his exploration of Reiki in Japan, internationally known Reiki teacher Dave King developed Traditional Japanese Reiki (TJR) as a reconstruction of the original teaching of the system.​​​

In its purest form, Traditional Japanese Reiki is simply
the channeling of loving energy
for your highest good, well-being and healing. 

While the definition is simple, the outcome is profound.  TJR is a peaceful, gentle yet powerful experience where this beautiful loving energy engages your being at all levels and always for your highest good.  

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What is Reiki?