Dayton Williams, MBA, PMP

Master of Social Work (MSW) student 2019 - 2022 University of Texas at Arlington

Awarded Outstanding MSW Student:  Direct Practice with Children & Families

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work

Celebration of Excellence ~ Fall 2019

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with niche specialization as a Certified Spiritual (CSC), Relationship (CRC) and Bereavement (CBEC) Coach; Author of Through the Grief: A Mother's Journey, and Dragonflies: New Beginnings for Healing from Grief and Loss; a Radio Show Host for A Light for the Soul that Weeps on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment channel​; a Certified Third Degree Advanced Traditional Japanese Reiki Practitioner; a ​​Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner; a R.E.A.L. Connection℠ Practitioner; a Project Management Professional (PMP); and a former Certified Senior Project Manager for IBM.  My experience has honed my communication skills and the ability to get straight to the source of the problem.


A journey overcoming alcoholism, through developing a spiritual way of life and practice that has spanned over 35 years, provided the foundation and commitment to embracing life from the perspective of truth, love and peace; and supported my personal healing after the tragic and untimely death of my son, SGT Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC.  With a heart-felt desire to help others, I offer a unique approach to wellness.  For the soul that is seeking, I offer to walk with you in your journey.

I spent my life focusing on ‘what I did’ and worked hard to grow and expand personally and professionally; to heal. I accomplished much in all areas however I was left feeling exhausted and it simply did not seem to be ‘enough’. When I re-directed my attention to being responsible for my thoughts, my feelings, and my choices, to making happiness my focus and my responsibility, to embracing ‘who I am’, I experienced the enchanting and magical melding of my physical, emotional and spiritual nature. 


​Now, ‘what I do’ is simply a natural and effortless manifestation of ‘who I am’. Rather than feeling exhausted I am energized; rather than feeling unworthy I am celebrating my worthiness. I am compelled to go beyond my experiences, beyond my perceptions, beyond my established belief systems; to discover the magnificence of this time and space in my journey home; to embrace the beauty within my soul; to manifest my unique expression of the Divine; and to walk with others in their journey. 

Donation-Based Services

Certified Coaching, R.E.A.L. Connection℠, and The Dragonflies Program are donation-based services which I perform as a volunteer to raise funds for our philanthropy. My radio show, A Light for the Soul that Weeps, is freely accessible.  Services are offered via phone or at-a-distance. 


Our Philanthropy

I created The Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC Endowed Scholarship, a need-based scholarship supporting Veterans attending The University of Texas at Austin, in 2017 on behalf of all who knew and loved my son, and as a legacy to honor his exuberant and selfless life.

Scheduling an Appointment

Book your appointment here.  Next, make your tax-deductible donation to The University of Texas at Austin, Veteran Services; in the comments box, type The Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC Endowed Scholarship.  

To ensure services are accessible to everyone in our community, the following offers a pricing range for your donation:  R.E.A.L. Connection ~ up to $25; Certified Coaching ~ up to $85; and The Dragonflies Program ~ up to $220.

I look forward to serving you!