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Return to Spirit

native american flute music

for healing and meditation

for support in finding your purpose & passion in life

Two-tone Puppy Dogs

Tom ~ flute

Dayton ~ percussion

This was, perhaps, the most amazing, creative experience I have ever partaken.  Nine hours.  Nine tracks.  Original music; created in real time.  No retakes; one addition the following day.  The studio was filled with a power of such grandeur I was humbled and transcended; a harmonious union of joy.  I understood divine inspiration; it was taking place before my eyes.  Tom, Marine Veteran, is a gifted musician and Steve Kuether, owner of Panther Creek Recording, is equally gifted; the combination was electrifying and breath-taking.  Although my contribution with percussion was small, the thought never occurred to me; I was merely in awe of the miraculous and magical process that engulfed me.  At the end of each recording, the title of the music would immediately come to me; it knew its name.  May this music bless you as it blessed us who witnessed its creation.

Love calling us home

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