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Honoring & Remembering

Who Gave
Who Served
Who Sacrificed

The SGT Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC Endowed Scholarship

An annual need-based scholarship established 2017 for Veterans attending

The University of Texas at Austin

The SGT Tyrell Seth Wiliams, USMC

Endowed Scholarship

The University of Texas at Austin

"Once a Marine Mom, Always a Marine Mom"

The Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC Endowed Scholarship

To our Recipients



Thank You for "sitting "in Ty's place".

"sitting in Ty’s place”

Our Story

We had completed the Texas Leader magazine cover photo shoot and gathered for a delicious lunch on campus.  As we discussed the scholarship, Jeremiah Gunderson, Director of Student Veteran Services, spoke the words that would become our beacon of light, hope and honor: "each recipient is sitting in Ty’s place".  Andria got chills and I burst with joy:  that was exactly how I felt; that said it all.  Sitting 'in Ty’s place’ will always be in quotation marks to honor the man who brought us this beautiful reference and embodiment of Tyrell’s scholarship.  A thousand thanks, Jeremiah!

On  11 February 2008, less than 90 days returning from his 3rd tour in Iraq, my son was killed in ahit-and-run in Austin, TX.  He died in the street alone.  It wasn’t until he was struck a second time, and nearly an hour later, that law enforcement and emergency services were notified.  The perpetrator was never identified.


These past 9 years have been a journey of healing whereby the death of my son began a series of losses that were a catalyst in re-defining myself. To use my experiences, skills and expertise for the purpose of helping others.


Nevertheless, my healing requires a closure which can only occur once I establish a way to honor my son the man, and my son the Marine. Creating a need-based endowed scholarship for Veterans attending The University of Texas at Austin is my closure; an expression which transforms this tragedy into grace.

in appreciation


My son gave me a key-chain which bears the message “Once a Marine Mom, Always a Marine Mom”.  I carry it with pride and believe it is a representation of my membership in the Marine family. 


This endowment expresses who Tyrell was.  He supported his family, his friends, and his brothers and sisters in service to our country by graciously giving from his beautiful heart. Establishing this endowment is an expression of my love and my desire to honor my son; attending The University of Texas at Austin was his dream when he returned home.


With honor you have served our country and now you are diligently moving forward with your life.  It is my hope this scholarship will fuel your desire to stay the course; to accomplish your dream.  Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.  It is a privilege to be a part of your journey .

I encourage you to support our Veterans  attending

The University of Texas at Austin​​​

It is time to be of service to those who served us so faithfully...

How to make a tax-deductible donation to Tyrell’s endowment
Click the link above.  The form is prefilled with the department that holds the endowed scholarship.
Student Affairs, Office of Vice President
 Dean of Students Office - Student Veterans
Type in the amount you wish to donate.
In the comments box, type
The Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC, Endowed Scholarship.
If you wish to make the donated funds available for immediate use, add 
 Account #3073605693.
Thank  you!

a  very special thanks to​​​​


​Andria Brannon, MS, JD

former Director of Gift and Estate Planning

University Development Office

The University of Texas at Austin


for her unwavering commitment and support in creating this magnificent gift

My dream was denied
My spirit was spent
But an email was sent
A spark countered relent
An answer came through​
Gracious and swift
A dialogue began
And my heart took a lift
The lady spoke true
Ideas would flow
A path would emerge
Where joy would grow
This amazing lady of grace
With a Heart of Pure Gold
With a mind so creative
A plan would unfold
Veterans will benefit
For years upon years
My son is now honored
My eyes fill with tears
All this is possible
Because the lady of grace
Brought her magnificent skills
Her beautiful heart to this place
How do you say thank you
When someone changed your life
Who created a path
Which ended your strife
Who gave you a way
 To honor your son
When many years had passed
The dream was far gone
Who stood by your side
Every step of the way
Passionately creating
 A magnificent memory to stay
For the son who has passed
For the Veterans who come
To be Longhorns at last
To find their place in the sun

For Andria

Thank you is not enough
For the Heart of Pure Gold
Yet extend it I must
And believe in blessings ten-fold

From the depth of my heart, thank you, Andria.

fair winds and following seas, my son

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