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Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

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Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC)

Certified Relationship Coach (CRC)

Certified Bereavement Coach (CBEC)

Coaching  is a professional relationship between a coach and client that facilitates a client in moving forward in their goals and desires with greater clarity,  awareness,  motivation and confidence by finding and creating their own answers.  As a result, coaching is personalized for your unique needs.


I have been in a coaching relationship for over a decade and found it to be foundational in awakening.  While my needs and time spent have evolved and changed, the relationship remains one of my most treasured. Consequently, I understand both the power of the process and the need to work with a coach that you resonate with.  It is your goals, your needs, your time and your desires that determine the direction of a coaching relationship as you learn to embrace your power, change your life, and unleash the immeasurable joy within you.

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