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Winter's Wisdom  Element 1- love really IS all you need

Love of Self ~ The Foundational Element

I am beginning the winter of my life and I am jazzed. While this is the last phase of my life, it is the first phase that I have entered with deliberate intention; awake, aware, whole and at peace internally and with my environment. The journey has been…well…interesting. Half-way through my summer phase I began what I would classify as my spiritual journey. This would be my prime purpose through the remainder of summer and throughout autumn; literally half of my life up until now. The term ‘slow learner’ comes to mind yet that actually makes me chuckle because the journey simply ‘is what it is’; time is not a variable.  

There are, in essence, only three variables: I am responsible for my thoughts; I am responsible for my feelings; I am responsible for my choices. Opportunities, people, joy, suffering, and a vast array of experiences presented themselves and they were directly proportional to the degree that I was taking responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and choices. Before I began the spiritual phase of my journey, I suffered…a great deal. My perceptions/beliefs were, for the most part, out of sync with reality/truth; they were often based on illusions, figments of my imagination, FEAR. Even late into my journey I experienced vast suffering as a result of victimization through domestic violence. Following on the heels of the death of my eldest son where my vulnerability was acute, this experience would offer the final contrast that would eradicate a core issue that I thought had been resolved.


While it would be nice to forgo some of my intensely painful experiences, everything contributed to where I am now and was supported by my thoughts, my feelings and my choices at the time. My journey has been vast in depth and breadth and…today…I appreciate my life. I know who I am and I feel my connection to the Source. The pain of the past fades in  the presence of the joy I feel now. It is akin to the bliss one feels holding a newborn baby as the remembrance of a painful labor rapidly dissipates. What one just went through becomes irrelevant as they gaze upon the tiny being lovingly cradled; the miraculous they are witnessing.


We have often heard ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. The picture gracing the cover of this book definitely fits that description for me. When I first saw the picture, I was mesmerized; I found it to be breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity. I began to feel a kinship with the tree which quickly turned soulful.  

Winter’s Wisdom  is where the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and became the building blocks of an abundant life. It represents the various elements, through a series of books, that band together to form the basis of a life lived with deliberate intention: acknowledging responsibility of thoughts, feelings and choices; understanding life is far simpler than envisioned; knowing/seeing/feeling how everything is vibrational. The journey is light.


From My Heart to Yours,


Solitary tree without leaves

currently in process

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