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R.E.A.L. Connection℠

R.E.A.L. Connection

Experience the beautifully unique and powerful R.E.A.L. Connection


  • Releasing the Ego and Awakening to Love

  • Guides you to a beautiful, powerful and expansive connection of your True Self in Oneness

  • A unique connection extending the boundaries of the body/mind

  • Evolved from Jason Dixon and Dayton’s combined 35 years of experience in working with different energy healing modalities and their continued study of A Course in Miracles 

A common language is central in effective communication.

The concepts and definitions below offer the basis of our belief and expression of a R.E.A.L. Connection.

Table of Concepts and Definitions regarding self and healing

Our client's feedback on their R.E.A.L. Connection Experience

Very different from other healing energy modalities.  I felt as if my Angelic Self was ministering to me.  I felt more grounded.

After the session, I was more in tune with myself and felt I was at a higher vibration.  I was energized.

I felt energized, at peace, and a clearing.  I felt like I had lost 10 lbs.

As work was being done, I felt tension release throughout my whole body and I became more aware of my body in general.

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