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Are you missing life's 'how-to' manual?

I recall moments in my life where I anxiously sought a 'How-To' manual:  as a teenager; as a young adult; as a mother; as a wife; as a friend; as an employee; as a human being.  There appeared to be information that others were aware of, yet it alluded me. I felt it was 'out there', I just couldn't find it.  These moments, where I would search inwardly and outwardly, spanned decades of my life.  The desire to 'understand' created my journey.  I became a seeker and my path would cross with many throughout the years and the 'How-To' manual would be written with each experience. 

There was an enormous amount of suffering in my journey.  Decades would pass before I would understand my contribution to my suffering. 

Before I would understand, at my core, that I was responsible for my thoughts, feelings and choices.  Before I would understand the healing power of Love.  Before I would understand everything began within me.

In my mid-life, when email became a popular communication forum, I pondered how wonderful it would be to receive an email from God, the Source, the Universe; an email with instructions on 'how-to' be; I was still seeking to understand my world and my purpose in the world.  Years later, when the need was no longer present, I began to receive my emails: Notes from the Universe.  Because my perspective had changed, the receiving became a source of joy and peace; beautiful messages to begin each day.

As is often the case, a Note I received once offered another timely message.  An experience I encountered was far different than I would have predicted.  After all, it was merely an exchange; compensation given for information received; no ambiguity whatsoever.  Yet, for many of us, this is not an uncommon experience.  We may be very clear in our intention and understanding, yet our experience with another has a radically different outcome.  The Note from the Universe offers an explanation:

For those who don't yet understand themselves, Dayton, it's impossible that they might understand you.  It’s the same for those who don’t yet love themselves.  Happily, you’re in control here.
The Universe
Actually, Dayton, to understand means "to see God,” and then tears doth flow. 

It is a great reminder that I am in control; for I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings and choices.  Actually, it is liberating; it is the source of personal freedom.  Do I understand myself?  Do I love myself?  If I can answer with a resounding 'Yes!', how I perceive my experiences will be radically different than if I answer 'No'.  But, there is good news. Even if I answer 'No' I have a clear path to altering my experience; to changing the answer with far less effort than I believed or understood when I was younger.  

And what about the 'How-To' manual?  I had it all along.

From my heart to yours,

Dayton ~ the holistic wellness coach

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