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Do you believe abundance of love, joy and peace is your birthright?

Something to consider...

I think this is a ‘loaded’ question because it is full of nuances.  Some would look at it from a religious perspective; some would look at it from a ‘high society’ or royalty perspective; some would look at it from a cultural perspective.  But I am not looking at it from any of those perspectives.  It is a personal question and, therefore, can only be answered from a personal perspective.

Our beliefs matter. 

They matter because every moment, of every day, we are creating our reality from our beliefs and perspectives.  If we believe our boss ignored us in a meeting, we may spend the rest of the day sulking.  If we believe the salesperson at the store was rude, we may become angry and refuse to enter the store again.  We make judgments around events that happen in our outer world and these judgments, if we are merely responding/reacting, are based upon our beliefs and our perceptions. 

Consequently, our beliefs do matter…they matter a lot.

A birthright is something that we are entitled to at the moment of our birth.  We receive it regardless of where we live, who our parents are, or what political party we choose to join when we reach adulthood.  In other words, everyone, everywhere has this same entitlement; this birthright is for all humanity.  Therefore, it is a personal question.

There are (3) things that I am explicitly responsible for every moment of every day:  my thoughts, my feelings, and my choices.

Since love, joy, and peace are ‘feelings’, they are within me; they are part of my inner world.  If I believe that I am entitled to an abundance of love, joy, and peace, then I will ensure my thoughts and choices support that belief.   It is not a reactive response, rather it is a conscious decision. Happiness…true happiness…will always spring forth from within ourselves and it has a direct correlation to our beliefs and perceptions.

What do you believe?  It is worth pondering…

From my heart to yours,

Dayton ~ the holistic wellness coach


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