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Do you feel like you belong?

Community…family…tribe…these words describe belonging.  They indicate a place where we are connected to others; where we are a part of.  But, what if we do not feel that we have a community, a family, or a tribe; then what?  Then I welcome you to my tribe; the Dragonfly Tribe.

Not having a community…a family…a tribe…I know what that feels like.  I can walk outside my door, enter the world, and meet and greet dozens of people without feeling I am a part. I remain on the periphery. I observe, I communicate, I interact, I share.  Yet, I remain an outsider; disconnected from the love and safety I yearn for.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is one of my favorite quotes.  It deeply stirs my desires of connectedness and community; literally and metaphorically. 

As adults, we are responsible for the safety and well-being of a child; any child.  If a circumstance demanded immediate action, we would intervene.  Additionally, we would apply this action to the infirm, the elderly, an animal, or any creature or being that needs our assistance.  If our path crosses another who is experiencing emotional pain, we offer compassion and support.  If our neighbor has taken ill and is unable to leave their house, we offer meals.  Every action is a connection; a demonstration that we are a part of.  Yet, even acknowledging this did not diminish my feelings of disconnection.  I needed a different perspective; I needed to look within.

I know that my outer world is merely a reflection of my inner world.  If I am feeling disconnected in my outer world, then I am simply disconnected with myself. 

I began to explore the thoughts and feelings I held about myself.  Did I extend love to myself?  Did I support myself with compassion?  Did I honor myself and truly believe I was worthy of receiving?  The more mindful I was of my thoughts and feelings the source of my disconnectedness became apparent, and the path to freedom became clear.

At this time of reflection, I began to notice the numerous dragonflies that would cross my path.  For many tribes, the Dragonfly is symbolic of change; discarding limiting beliefs and doubts and seeing the belief we hold about self.  It reminds us of our limitlessness and our profound ability to fulfill our birthright.  The colors reflected in the wings of the Dragonfly associate with vibrations; with energy.  The Dragonfly Spirit guides our change, our emergence to awakening, once we are willing.

From my decision to designate myself as a member of the Dragonfly Community, and my practice of deepening my connection with my true self, emerged a metamorphosis.  I began to observe I held a sense of belonging; I became aware of how I saw my outer world from a radically different perspective.  The words I am enough…I have always been enough…I will always be enough…became transformative.

If you are seeking a community…a family…a tribe, there will always be a place for you with The Dragonfly Community. 

Your connection is secured merely by your acknowledgment it is so.  My desire for you?  May the depth and breadth of your true self be exponential in 2019 for you are magnificent.

From my heart to yours,

Dayton ~ the holistic wellness coach


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