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"we are Love, we are One..."

These words are found in the lyrics of Nothing More by The Alternate Routes; written for and inspired by the work of their friends at formerly Newtown Kindness. 

The lyrics offer a profound message; one that can literally change the world as we ‘see’ it.

For a period of 24 hours imagine every being consciously acknowledged that we are Love, that we are One. Our consciousness would shift; our illusions of separateness would cease to exist; truth would be known and understood; we would be our true selves.  In those 24 hours, we would completely alter our world.  With vision restored reality is no longer obscured and what we are simply ‘is’.

It may sound like a fairy tale, a Pollyannish view, yet nothing could be further from the truth. 

Every moment, every NOW, we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and choices. 

Consequently, in every NOW, we are choosing ‘something’.  Through each choice, we are perceiving love or fear; connection or separateness; attack or peace.  And through our perceiving, we are either fashioning illusions of pain or creating joy through the knowledge that we are Love, we are One.

You do not have to merely imagine.  ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’; choose your NOW.

Official Video "Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes

From my heart to yours,

Dayton ~ the holistic wellness coach


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