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What do you want?

I think this is the fundamental question since what we focus on, is what we create. Before I get into the core of what this writing is all about, I want to clarify a couple of points. First, I do not have all the answers. I, just like you, am on my journey of awakening. Second, I do not believe there is a path. Rather, I believe there are many paths; and the point is, ‘to thine own self be true’ and to follow your path.

Why is deciding what you want important? Because everything else flows from this decision. Everything. All we need do is look throughout history and find the same message from countless sources, e.g. religion, philosophy, spirituality, etc., ‘as a man thinketh, so is he’.

To further our exploration, there are a few concepts that are the basis of our consideration: 1) everything is energy, 2) we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and choices, 3) there are only two emotions: fear and Love, 4) Truth is Truth; you can deny it, ignore it, disbelieve it or attempt to change it, nevertheless Truth is Truth and 5) we are more than the mind/body and what we perceive through our senses is limited because it is interpreted by the mind/body; to move past this limitation we acknowledge that there is also a higher mind, a higher consciousness that some refer to as our True Self. Whether you believe these concepts, or not, for this exercise in expanding our understanding or consciousness, I simply ask that you consider these concepts as we explore a range of possibilities.

When I ask, what do you want, the focus is internal, i.e. peace, happiness, joy, etc. In other words, how to you want to feel the 16 or so hours that you are living your life each day.

We could talk about the Law of Attraction and creating in our outer world what we want to experience, e.g. a new car, an overflowing bank account, a dream job, the love of our life, but all of these are external things. And since the internal flows to the external, our focus for this exploration is internal. For example, to say that you want to experience the love of your life, the first requirement is to be ready to receive that. Do you love yourself? Do you even believe that you are worthy of love? We can say anything, and we can say it a hundred times a day. But, if we don’t feel it or believe it, we will not make the choices to support it, and…

I will use my decision of ‘what I want’ as an example for exploration. I want to be happy. Consequently, if I decide I want to be happy, then my thoughts, feelings and choices must be congruent with that decision in order to experience what I want. The first thing that pops into my head is ‘how in the world is that possible’? I can think of a multitude of experiences, on any given day, that impose a barrier or attempts to thwart an opportunity to be happy. And this is the first lesson: the outer can only affect the inner by our decision. If we think someone or something can destroy our happiness, a fearful thought, then we will feel victimized and we will choose a response that supports that feeling. It begins with what we think about what happened. Feelings and choices follow the thought and the effect is experienced energetically. Our vibration is contingent on where we fall on the spectrum of Love and fear.

When we explore expanding our consciousness, we typically experience, symbolically, a brick wall. Our brain immediately thinks of a thousand reasons to stop the exercise because we are stepping out of our comfort zone; and that is scary, i.e. fear-based. What about fill in the blank? In other words, what about if someone physically attacks you or threatens your life, or any number of horrible, catastrophic possibilities? When this happens, I just remind myself that I am exploring ideas and it is important to keep it simple; we learn to crawl before we learn to walk, and we learn to walk before we learn to run.

So, if I want to be happy, then everything that occurs, seemingly to me, becomes an opportunity for me to ask myself, ‘how do I want to show up?’. What response will I choose that is congruent with my decision that I want to be happy. Will I be fear-based, or will I be Love-based? Will I be true to myself and my decision, Love-based, or will I merely react, fear-based. My response is always my choice and I am responsible for my choice. How I choose to respond will either support my decision or decimate my decision. It will either raise my vibration or lower my vibration. It will either increase my overall sense of well-being or it will destroy my sense of wellness and wholeness. For thousands of years, various cultures have understood the symbiotic relationship of mind/body/spirit. We think dis-ease begins in the body. But the body is merely a ‘learning device’; it experiences what the mind conceives. The mind is merely processing the information it is gathering from its senses and determining, based upon its limited information derived from experience, how to proceed. Consequently, the spirit is the key and where everything originates. In order to raise our consciousness, we must go beyond the mind/body.

And this is the journey; whatever you decide it to be is completely up to you.

This is how we begin to create the life we want. We tend to think of things as right or wrong, good or bad, but this is a dualistic perspective that is incapable of expanding our consciousness. Rather it simply is. It is your choice. Decide what you want and ensure your thoughts, feelings and choices are congruent with that decision. This is how you remain true to yourself; this is how you begin to follow your path. And as you travel your path, may Love always fill your heart and light your way.

Blessings for a beautiful NOW…

From my heart to yours,

Dayton ~ the holistic wellness coach


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