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You are love, loved, loving...

love, loved, loving.  You are the noun; you are the verb; you are the entire expression of the word.  I believe love is one of the most used words in our language and it is also one of the most misunderstood.  It is a word that denotes the meaning of value and worthiness and embraces feelings of joy and exuberance.  Yet it is elusive, for we randomly give it and we withhold it based upon our perceptions of any given experience or person. 

Rather than extolling it as a priceless gem, we toss it around, or aside, as a cheap bauble thereby claiming the unworthiness of ourselves and others. 

Round and round we go and each pass increases the opposite of our desire.  Instead of connection we create separation and we perceive the world as hostile where attacks are lurking around every corner.  We believe in lack, and the dichotomous concept that in every scenario, someone has to lose and someone has to win.  And all of this is a result of our misunderstanding of love.

Chances are you were never taught the true meaning of the word.  I wasn’t.  I experienced hundreds and hundreds of relationships without an understanding of what a relationship was, much less how love was a factor.  The journey of understanding love was a laborious process that extended across time, concepts, cultures, and religions.  Decades passed before my misunderstanding was transformed to understanding. 

I had thought that I would learn about love, and then I would bring that information inward. However, that is completely backward.  First of all, the answer was already within me; it was not required that I search outwardly.  Secondly, it was impossible to understand love without understanding how it related to me or how I related to it; to understand the noun, the verb, and intothe entire expression of the word.  If I do not love myself, it is impossible to truly love another; for everything is merely an outward expression of the inner.  Everything.

I began my journey backward and I would 'love' to offer my experience so that you can experience decades of joy rather than decades of meanderings.

For understanding that you are love, loved, loving, i.e., the entire expression of the word, is awakening to truth and joy indescribable NOW. 

We are either experiencing love or fear; for these are the only feelings within us.  What are you experiencing?

Blessings for a beautiful NOW...

From my heart to yours,

Dayton ~ the holistic wellness coach


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