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and remember your purpose,

for it is your will to do so."

Certified Coaching

R.E.A.L. Connection

The Dragonflies Program

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The Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC

Endowed Scholarship

for Veterans attending University of Texas at Austin

Through the Grief


Winter's Wisdom

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The Dragonfly Tribe

The Dragonfly Tribe

The Dragonfly Tribe
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Donation-Based Services

Services are donation-based, which I perform as a volunteer, and funds go directly to our philanthropy  The Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams, USMC Endowed Scholarship.  

in honor, and memory, of my son

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A blessing from those we serve

thank you for sharing your experience!

— KRP ~ R.E.A.L. Connection

I feel better balanced.  I could tell my strengths and now I feel the whole is stronger than individual parts.  It felt like I had a whole body adjustment.  As work was being done I felt tension releasing throughout my body and became more aware of my body in general.  Expansive in my knowledge and self.  A truly relating experience that let me see parts and whole at the same time.

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