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Welcome to the Dragonfly Community ~ a blog supporting your journey to mental health wholeness

Om Shanti Om ~ peace in body, peace in mind, peace in spirit

I am passionate about mental health wholeness and wellness and have spent almost 4 decades in my journey that has spanned continents and cultures, meanderings and switchbacks, joys and sorrows. I learned that often things are not as they appear, there are many paths to the same destination, and wellness encompasses far more than simply ensuring my diet represents the five basic food groups. Most importantly, for me, as I began to commit to my mental health, I achieved the balance I sought all along...peace in body, peace in mind, and peace in spirit.

The Dragonfly Community is a compilation of beautiful quotes from others, original haikus, tips for TODAY, notes to Self, messages to inspire, and words from my heart to yours. They are offered to uplift your spirit, brighten your day, and share ideas for reflection and action.

path through the forest
As you travel your path, may Love always fill your heart and light your way. ~ Dayton

Your journey to mental health closing

It is my desire that you find what you are seeking and thank you for the privilege to walk beside you on your journey to mental health wholeness and wellness.

For more about me and my journey,

Blessings for a beautiful, NOW...



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